Powder Brows Course (Available soon)

What is powder Brows ?

Powder Brows is an eyebrow shading technique performed with a machine to achieve a very natural soft powder effect. In this course offered both live and online, you will learn how to work correctly with color and to create the amazing shading effects you have likely seen that really stand out with a big wow effect!

Who Is This Live Course For?

  • For students with no PMU experience

  • You want a fast way to expand your services offering and grow your income

  • It’s easy to learn & you can offer the service shortly after your course

  • Enables you to fix previous PMU

Included in this course :

  • Two courses in one! The basic MicroBlading course AND our basic manual shading course!

  • The Beauty Angels Kit (See kit contents below...)

  • Online and Mobile access to the course content

  • Three months of ongoing support directly from your master trainer to ensure that you achieve the Beauty Angels standard.

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